Tripwires are one of the MOST effective ways to get leads, sales and increase signups.

Make them an offer they can't refuse.

In order to truly Automate and Scale, you need to be able to convert leads to clients, and the single best way of doing that is to make your lead an offer they can't refuse using a Trip-wire.

What's a Tripwire? Well it's usually a small offer that eventually leads to a down funnel sale or maybe an upsell after a checkout.

This usually serves as an effective way of giving the lead something to try out and build trust.

Works seamlessly with LMS platforms

Works seamlessly with LMS platforms

Works seamlessly with LMS platforms

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Courses can help educate your clients on your ideas or methods and are extremely lucrative.

We've built 100's of different courses for clients and can help you get the ground running. One of the greatest parts with the AutomateScale platform is that it works seamlessly with different LMS platforms and we can also easily build your course on our platform itself so it integrates seamlessly with your sales funnel.

Let's construct the perfect funnel for you and your business

The goal of the Tripwire is to get your prospects in the door and give them something juicy. Since we build automations, we factor in the down funnel parts of the funnel to upsell the new customer on items they now may need, since consuming the tripwire.

Do you have a tripwire available for your customers or leads? If not, lets make one! Click below and we'll help you start converting those warm leads into actual customers.

The best conversion tool for your business

Not many people are using tripwires today. Sure, you might get some clicks and conversions from one or two, but we’re talking about a marketing strategy that can make your business go sky high when used correctly. Here are the benefits of using this awesome product:

  1. You will be able to funnel more qualified leads through your website by adding incentives for visitors to check out other offers on your site.
  2. You won’t have to worry about overflowing inboxes because these tools prevent signup spam.
  3. Increase conversions by creating selective compositions for advertising in local publications and blogs. There are so many options with this tool! What do you need? AutomateScale/Tripwire will provide.

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